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Heavy Duty DPF Cleaningsin Wilmington, DE

We have the experience & expertise to provide solutions for any DPF cleaning need. We use advanced cleaning technology and solutions to tackle every DPF cleaning problem. From light-duty automobiles to heavy-duty vehicles, we have the most effective DPF cleaning solution!

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DPF Cleaning

Bring your vehicle to us if you need to clean your DPF and are looking for a reliable shop to do the job. Call us for an estimate!

DPF Cleaning Technology at DPF Cleaning Service

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FSX Powerful DPF Cleaning Technology

#1We are committed to providing our customers with the best DPF cleaning solution!

We are using the FSX cleaning technology approved by all commercial truck manufacturers like Volvo, Freightliner, Mack, Peterbilt & so on.

DPF Cleaning technology is an effective and efficient way to clean your diesel particulate filter. It removes soot, ash, and other debris to restore its original performance level.

The process involves attaching a specialized cleaning device to the filter, which uses either high-pressure air or ultrasonic waves to break down the particles and dislodge them. It's a great way to ensure your vehicle runs at its optimal performance level.

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DPR DOC SCR Cleaning Machine

Our equipment is commonly used to clean and test Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) it is also extremely effective at cleaning Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC), and Selective Reduction Catalysts (SCR).
Our DPF cleaning equipment is designed to fit most sizes of diesel emission filters. The TrapBlaster fits all medium & heavy duty DPFs and various adaptors and accessories are available to meet your filter cleaning needs!

DPR DOC SCR Cleaning Machine at DPF Cleaning Service


We need you to bring your vehicle to our shop so that we can prepare it for the cleaning process. Next, we will locate the DPF and get ready to remove it. Whatever we do, we will make the process right, you can rest assured of that.

The Cleaning Process

Now that the DPF has been removed, it's time to start cleaning it. The best way to do this is by using a high-pressure air hose. That’s what we do at DPF Cleaning Service. Once that's done, we recommend you leave the DPF in direct sunlight for around 24 hours to dry out completely.


Once the filter is completely dry; it's time to put everything back together again. Once that's done, we reattach any wiring harnesses and reconnect your car battery. And that's it! You've now successfully completed a full DPF cleaning cycle.

Maintenance Tips

Tips To Keep Your DPF Filter Working Properly in Cold Weather And Never Get Stuck

Being in the trucking industry, we are all more than aware of the headaches cold weather can create for drivers and maintenance managers alike. Most industry veterans are very familiar with the havoc that winter can cause for a truck’s fundamental components. However, many of us are not as comfortable with the newer technology of the engine and after treatment systems that are ever-evolving.

It’s well known that fuel consumption increases during the winter months, partly because composition changes by refiners to winter fuel to make it more volatile and burn properly in cold weather conditions. Diesel consumers also notice lower mileage in the winter. Burning more fuel costs you money, but it also means more diesel particulate filter (DPF) problems. Increased idle times in the winter also causes major DPF regeneration problems.
What you can do to prevent DPF regens.

You don’t want your diesel fuel to gel up and park you on the side of the road. This business is expensive enough without suffering terrible fuel mileage 40% of the year.

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Maintenance Tips
DPF Cleaning Service Center in Wilmington, DE

After Treatment System

  • Remove and clean the DOC and DPF filter.
  • Replace the DEF dosing screen filter and in-line filter. Vehicles with 150,000 miles or more should have the DEF tank inspected for debris build-up. If debris is present, steam clean to remove debris at the bottom of the tank.
  • Clean the Hydrocarbon Fuel Doser—complete every 125,000 miles. If you are getting close to the maintenance interval, perform this again before winter. (EPA10 only)
  • Never shut off the truck when it is in the middle of the regeneration process.
  • Top off DEF fluid prior to starting the truck so there is warm DEF in the tank. Remember that DEF fluid will freeze so it should be stored in a warm place above 40 degrees.
  • If not currently running with an approved winter front or insulated DEF tank blanket, we highly recommend doing so.
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Our services provide the ultimate convenience. Get your DPF and engine carbon cleaning done quickly and efficiently, and benefit from our competitive prices! Our DPF cleaning solution is second to none; thus, you can trust us!

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

DPF cleaning is necessary for anyone who owns a diesel car. DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter, and it's responsible for trapping harmful particulates emitted by the engine.

Over time, these particulates can build up and cause the DPF to become clogged. When this happens, the car's performance suffers and may eventually need to be replaced. The good news is that DPF cleaning services exist to help clear out the trap and keep your car running smoothly.

The process involves high-pressure air to blast the particulates out of the DPF. In most cases, DPF cleaning can restore the filter to its original condition and prevent further build-up. As a bonus, it can also help improve your car's fuel efficiency. So if you're looking for a way to keep your diesel car running like new, DPF cleaning is worth considering.
DPF cleaning is a necessary process that helps to remove soot and other buildup from your DPF filter. This buildup can reduce the efficiency of your DPF filter and cause it to clog more easily.
DPF cleaning services can help to restore your DPF filter to its original condition and improve its performance. In addition, DPF cleaning can help to extend the life of your DPF filter and reduce the need for replacement filters. As a result, DPF cleaning is an important service that can help to keep your DPF filter functioning properly.
It is essential to perform regular maintenance and cleaning for
heavy-duty vehicles, such as commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, and
buses. This is necessary to ensure the safety of operators and
passengers and prevent any build-up of dirt or grime that can cause
damage over time. Depending on the vehicle type and how often it is
used, you should clean it at least once a month.
By following these steps and cleaning your heavy-duty vehicle regularly,
you can ensure that it remains in top condition for years to come. It
can help extend your vehicle's life while also protecting its overall
As any car owner knows, regular maintenance is essential to running your vehicle smoothly. But what about those parts of the car that you can't see? The DPF filter is one of those crucial but often overlooked components.
DPF stands for diesel particulate filter, and its job is to trap soot and other particulates produced by the engine. Over time, the DPF filter can become clogged, affecting engine performance. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that it's time for a DPF cleaning service.
If you notice your car's fuel economy declining or an increase in exhaust smoke, it's time to clean the filter. Don't wait until your engine starts to run rough-a DPF cleaning service will help keep your car running smoothly and help prevent costly repairs down the road.
Bring your vehicle to our shop- DPF Cleaning Service, to have your DPF filter cleaned. Our experts will clean your DPF system efficiently and effectively in no time. Thus, when it comes to DPF cleaning services, you can trust our expertise and services.